Raman Rays is consultancy providing comprehensive range of services in two sectors, civil and urban planning & infrastructure development; and social & economic development.

Our services are geared to lead the clients to a better and effective execution of their visions and plans. To enable our clients, we support them throughout the program lifecycle, through advisory and facilitation for developing the projects as well as execute part of or complete project/subprojects with concrete deliverables.

For the social development sector clients we support in the quest for evidence based decision making and program delivery. We support organisations in conducting impact, quality and program assessments and disseminating and advocating the results and other program related insights with the stakeholders.

Raman Rays team has experts with advanced degrees in the fields of civil engineering, Urban Planning and Architecture, Monitoring and Evaluation, Data science, Ethnography and Anthropology and Communication from premier national and international institutes. Team Raman Rays has a vast base of experience of working with Blue Chip companies, Fortune 500 organizations, International Social Sector agencies, UN bodies and funding bodies. Our senior level staff supports in Thought leadership, sounding board, brainstorming and result focussed facilitation to support the client team to develop concrete projects and strategies, while our midlevel managers and experts support with hands down implementation of projects on the ground with ground level teams in different geographies nationally and internationally.

The Raman Rays aims to collaborate with and support development agencies, professional organizations and Government Agencies through its knowledge and program delivery support.