Raman Rays is an agency which has global reach with its partners across Asia, Africa and in Europe to contribute in the betterment of over 50 million lives through Health, Nutrition, Agriculture, Engineering and Infrastructure development.


  • Captures field information to help in adjusting strategies to new developments fast and efficiently.
  • Beneficiary driven study to learn program efficacy at community, national, global and peer level.
  • Predictive analysis through primary and secondary databases.

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  • Learn and develop more nuances with the value of human interest.
  • Develop 360-degree online and offline communication tools and strategy.
  • Develop innovative communication solution to develop program Leadership and client values.

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Knowledge Management Solutions

  • Appropriate planning, design, and coordination for knowledge capture, sharing and management support with technology implementation.
  • Ownership and accountability and knowledge incentives to create and nurture knowledge.
  • Training, resources and time for knowledge creation.

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  • 2013-2015

    Started working in wide range of research, communication and knowledge management projects.

  • 2015-16

    Expansion of team and area of operation. Conducted 36000+ household survey by deployed more than 20 field level staff

  • 2016-17

    Taken up assignment with expanded human resources. Prepared wide range of comprehensive reports and GIS mapping

  • 2017-18

    Brought in 12-15 senior researchers, experts and 8 mid level management people at the nationa

  • 2018-19

    Collaborated with field team in 11 states across the country and more partnership with global partners


Our work should contribute to the larger good for future generation, the society and the entire world. We believe in emotional, long term and sustainable partnership with our clients over short and financial relationship.

Evidence based Innovation

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Data driven solution

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Prioritize Human interest

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We always prioritize our clients’ interest and consider them as our thinking partners.

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Malawi
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